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Importance of CPR stressed after wife's quick actions save husband's life

PITTSBURGH -- Barb Barnhill was filming her husband, Tom, work on his beloved race car when he suddenly collapsed. In the dramatic video Tom can be seen falling to the ground while Barb calls for a neighbor to call 911. She immediately began performing CPR on her husband while she waited for paramedics to arrive.

Tom had suffered a severe heart attack, often referred to as the "Widow Maker." According to doctors, his left anterior descending coronary artery (also known as the LAD) was 100% blocked. Since this blood vessel supplies the majority of blood to the largest part of the heart, the blockage caused him to go into cardiac arrest.

Once again, the importance of immediate bystander CPR cannot be stressed enough. Had Tom's wife not taken immediate action he would not have survived the event. In fact, one of Tom's friends just recently died from a similar heart attack when he collapsed while alone at work. Read more at KDKA.

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